Skin Peel

Get Smooth & Even Skin Texture!

Skin Peel

Get Smooth & Even Skin Texture!

Say goodbye to tired and dull looking skin – and achieve the youthfulness you deserve with New Touch Skin Care, TODAY. Don’t wait any longer and book a consultation at our clinic.
Skin rejuvenation peels are the most affordable and effective solution to improve skin texture, exfoliate dead skin cells and refine open pores. New Touch Skin Care has 10+ years of experience and exceptional customer care, our services are performed by highly trained and experienced M.D. dermatologists allowing you to achieve incredibly smooth and younger looking skin fast.


TreatmentPrice Per Treatment Benefits
Antiox Treatment ( Ferulac peel classic + Ferulac peel plus + Ferulac Mst + Retises)₹ 1,999Ferulic Acid is organic compound found in plant cell wall. It provides antioxidant benefits to skin and helpa to detends against enviromental effect like Sun damage and pollution.Reduces ageing effects of damaging free radicals.
Depigmentation Treatment (Lactic Peel)₹ 999Its combination of Lactic, citric, kojic and salicylic acid which works on hyperpigmentation, active acne, seborrheic dermatitis, Rosacea and couperose.
Intensive Moisturizing Treatment (Pyruvic peel + Lactic peel + Glowing peel)₹ 1,999Pyruvic peel smoothing out medium and deep wrinkles,reduces scars and stretch Marks. Tightening and lifting the skin. Lactic peel has moisturising properties and creats a proctective moisturising layer to protect the skin from dehydration.
Revitalizing Treatment (Salipeel DS + Argipeel AR + Glowing peel)₹ 1,999Treating comedens and acne
Anti-Aging Light Treatment (Mandelac C + Mandelac M + Glowing Peel)₹ 2,999Deeper peel, anti-ageing Peel

Make Your Skin Look Smooth & Younger

Treats tired and dull looking skinand gives you the youthful skin. The best thing about this treatment is the amazing skin transformation solution suitable for all skin types and age groups.

Slow Down the Signs of Ageing

Did you ever wonder why your skin is not as bright and clear as when you were young? The skin naturally replaces itself every 40 days, but this process slows down as we age. Peeling the skin removes dead skin cells and stimulates up your skin cell growth cycle which has many anti-ageing benefits for your skin. Regular peeling strengthens the outer layer of the skin, improves texture, softness, superficial blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Benefits of Skin Peel Treatment

Skin Peels are suitable for everyone looking for a skin refresh. This is because as we age, the skin of the neck and face begins to loosen and sag – it’s texture changes and it can start to look weathered. Peels are very beneficial for rejuvenating the skin and stimulating the growth of new skin cells and all signs of ageing can be improved.

Skin rejuvenation peel gives the quick results.

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