Acne Treatment

Get rid of acne problem now!

Acne Treatment

Get rid of acne problem now!

Acne is the most common skin condition seen by the dermatologists across the world. Though acne is commonly seen in teenagers due to increased hormonal activity, adult acne is not a minor issue. Dealing with acne is extremely tough – physically and emotionally. Never knowing when a new zit or pimple will erupt and dealing with its aftereffects such as marks or scars is even tougher!


TreatmentPrice Per Treatment Benefits
Erbium Laser Skin resurfacing ( ResurFX + Peel)4,999Treats your Acne Scar ,marks,uneven skin tone.Minimal downtime. Stimulates collagen production for healthier apperance. FDA Approved treatment.
Subsicion9,999Breaking the fibrosis in the deeper layer of skin.Resulting in improvement of depth of the Acne scar. Results are permanent
Scar Surgery9,999Treatment of individual Scar to reduce depth of scar and givens you more snoother and softer skin.

Best Acne Treatment

Luckily at New Touch Skin Care, we are specialised in treating acne and all its causes. We are providing the best acne treatment and acne scar removal treatment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Acne treatment at our clinic is performed by highly trained and experienced M.D. Dermatologist. The best thing about our acne treatment, is that it works for all skin types.

So, start controlling your acne and treat it for good with New Touch Skin Care’s acne treatment and enjoy the flawless skin you’ve always wanted…

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When should you begin acne treatment?

The correct time to treat acne is early on to prevent any scarring or spread of acne. You are welcome to consult our dermatologist when acne begins to worry you, when serious pimple develops all of a sudden, for small pimples that just won’t go off, or even when a lone pimple decides to erupt the week before your glam night out or big meeting at work.

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